Free Service to mankind is the prime motto of anybody associated with Gangasagar Bhawan. We offer following services:

Room Space

We provide the visitor with a room so that he can rest and relax for some time after his long journey to Gangasagar. All the rooms are clean, well aerated and nicely lit. Fresh bed covers are used every day and every care is taken for hygiene.

Bathroom Facility

One can avail the bathroom facility to get fresh and visit to the holy temple. Bathrooms are cleaned every day and well maintained. Care is taken to comply with the hygiene standards of rooms.

Food Service

We serve food to everybody who comes to our doorstep. Breakfast, lunch, evening snacks and dinner are provided to the visitors. All self-grown vegetables are being used for the purpose. We also have own cows and buffaloes for the requirement of milk.

In-house Temple

We have our own temple where one can offer puja. Every morning and evening, Aarti is being conducted by the priest.

Car service

We can arrange a car for you to take you to the main Kapilmuni temple and return. Prior booking is required to hire the car.