Ganga Sagar Bhawan welocomes you to the holy place of gangasagar.

Gangasagar Bhawan, managed by Shree Kapilmuni Charitable Trust is a home away from home at Gangasagar. Anybody visiting Gangasagar can avail the facilities offered by the trust. The service is not limited to one cast or sect of people only, but is offered to humankind. One can have a place for relax, rest, bath and have good food too. Facility for overnight stay can also be availed on prior booking.


Any family, group or an individual visiting the holy premises of Gangasagar can get in touch with the management so as the trust can arrange the necessary requirement for the visitor.


Free Service to humankind is the prime motto for everybody associated with Gangasagar Bhawan. We, at Shree Kapilmuni Charitable Trust are always there to help you.