About Us

Shree Kapilmuni Charitable Trust was started in the year of XXXX with the vision of providing shelter and food for anybody who visits Gangasagar. It is widespread that people come to Gangasagar, take a dip, and have some tea and biscuits in the nearby stalls and go away tired. There were no hotels, or any such places, where one can place their luggage and enjoy the holy dip. They were not able to get good quality food. The sorry state of these pilgrimages was giving pain to Shri XXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX. He decided to provide a proper place to satisfy the needs of these holy visitors.

Gangasagar Bhawan was built in the year XXXX. It covers an area of XXX sq. mts. The bhawan is made up of XX floors and XX rooms. It provides all the basic amenities required for the traveler. The rooms are clean, well maintained and have good beddings. The bhawan has its own kitchen where food is prepared for almost XXXX pilgrimages during the famous Gangasagar Mela. You can also check out the complete service listing by visiting this page.

Ambience of the Gangasagar Bhawan is very pious with their own temple in the ground.

Ambience of the Gangasagar Bhawan is very pious with a temple in the ground. Every morning you would love to wake up by the sound of Aarti.

The mission is joined by all the social workers and the trust is growing day by day. To know the complete list of trustees,
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To know more about Gangasagar Mela click the image and read the book.